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Illustrations can be used for a variety of things to help share your story or message as a organization.

Some of the things you can use illustrations for are for social media, blog, newsletters or other articles, books, brochures, websites, products, infographics and more.

I Illustrate through traditional and digital mediums and would love to help to bring you ideas and stories to life. Check out some of my illustration portfolio below:



Animation is a great way to tell a story with illustration and motion!

I can help bring your ideas to life through motion! Creating animation for social media or explainer videos is a great way to get our your audience excited about your organization or a particular campaign you are working on!

Check out some of my animations portfolio:

Photoshop Edits

Do you have a graphic you need touched up or something you are working on and don’t have time to do the final edits. I can do that for you here.

I do Photoshop edits for graphic recordings, infographics, artwork and more. Please contact me below with what you need!

Website Design/updates

Websites are the best way to get people to get to know your business or be able to get into contact you on the Web!

If you are in need of a website revamp or help with updating your site please let me know! I would love to help.

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I live in a small rural town in BC, Canada on property that looks like a forest next to a beautiful mountain-side. I'm so lucky that my view out of every window is nature! This inspires my creativity! A lot of my art is nature and wildlife based. I am very passionate about wildlife conservation and learning more about the environment we live in. I think education is the best way for change and I try to learn as much as I can and hopefully share that with you!! I hope you enjoy my site and my art! Drop me a line if you have any questions!​