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Whale Shark

The Whale Shark

Listed As Endangered

Whale Shark

Welcome to my blog! I’m going to be featuring amazing creatures, plant life and whatever else nature has to offer on every blog. I hope we both learn something new and have some fun doing it! This week we will be learning about the beautiful Whale Shark. I love sharks, they are one of my favourite animals. They are misunderstood and are really amazing creatures to learn about!!

Fun Facts

Whale Shark Fun Facts

  1. Whale Sharks are the largest Shark and fish on our planet (unless the Megalodon comes back!)
  2. Whale sharks have these beautiful patterns that are unique to each whale shark, just like your finger prints are unique to you! This is how scientists can tell which Whale Sharks they see.
  3. Whale Sharks are filter feeders and use suction from their mouth to suck in food which is mainly plankton and tiny fish. They are 1 of 3 sharks that are filter feeders. The other 2 are Basking Sharks and Megamouth Sharks
  4. Whale Sharks can get up to about 40 feet long which is about the size of a School Bus. Could you image having a school bus swimming beside you in the ocean!
  5. Whale Sharks usually hang out in tropical waters and often migrate long distances for their food. The longest recorded travel was of a Whale Shark named Anne who travelled 20,000 KM. Read more about Anne here!
  6. Whale Sharks can live as long as humans, up to 100 years and mature at around the age of 30. 
  7. Whale Sharks have thousands of tiny sharp teeth but they don’t actually use them to eat! They don’t use them at all, scientist think they are were left behind over years of evolution and the teeth weren’t in the way so evolution didn’t get rid of them! Since they are filter fish they have filter pads they help them filter there smaller food. Learn more here!
  8. Whale Sharks are listed as endangered. Some of the things that threaten them include unregulated or illegal fisheries catching them for their meat, oil and fins. Plus they are caught by fishing boats as by-catch; like most sharks, Whale Sharks have to keep swimming to breathe so if they are caught in fishing gear unable to move they can’t breath. 

Whale Shark Colouring Page

I found this cool Whale Shark colouring page if you want to do a colouring sheet too! Click here to print the page.

Whale Shark Resources


Joke Of The Week

Why Can’t Most Sharks Read?
They are not part of a school

Sciemce Experiment

Filter Feeder Science Experiment

I found this interesting science experiment on filter feeders and micro plastics you can try out. Visit the page here!

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