Nature & Wildlife Artist

What is in the REEF??

I’m glad you asked! The resource reef is here to help you get more creative in your life and learn some creative business tips and tricks. I will be adding new content to the reef each month! You will have access to everything in there plus all new content being added. Once you sign up I will send you a password and you can start creating! Here is what you will get when you sign up:

  • Access to the reef, which will include resources to help you get your creative juices flowing like tutorials, art challenges and more. I will also be sharing business tips and tricks to help you grow your creative business. Most of my art is nature based, so I will also share with you how to find inspiration in nature.
  • A private Facebook page so we can build a community of creative people where we can share our work, ideas and help each other!
  • I am an artist and not a wordsmith so most of my emails will be short but pack with lots of fun freebies!


Log into the Resource Reef Here: