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Welcome to my blog! This is the first blog I have ever written so be prepared for some hiccups along the way!

I made the decision to start a blog because I believe I have things I want to share with everyone, including my art and love for wildlife and nature. Things to expect from my blogs would be fun wildlife facts, art work, maybe some tutorials and a couple of laughs along the way! I am sure it will evolve over time so lets see where it takes us. If you have an interest in a certain animal and want me to feature them let me know!

I love learning and am trying to spend some of my time learning as much as I can about other life on earth and how we are all connect. I hope to share with you what I find and how we can work together to conserve what we have! We are all living things on this planet and should take more time to appreciate how complex and weird things are on the green and blue rock we call earth.

Magpie Fun Facts

The first animal I will be featuring is the Magpie. I know lots of people don’t particularly love them but they are actually super amazing creatures. I have one that visits my back yard and I love watching it do its thing.

Fun Facts – Magpie

I have been fascinated with bird pretty much my whole life. I’m pretty sure that I inherited it from my grandpa and my dad, both of whom spent a lot of time saving injured birds and caring for them until they could fly again. I thought i’d share some interesting facts about the animal I am featuring and then leave you with some links you can visit if you want more information.

Magpies are beautiful birds that are usually black and white in North America with a bluish green tail. (they are coloured like parrots in other parts of the world). There are a range of magpie species all over the world and each one has something unique.

Here are some cool facts I have gathered about them:

  • Magpies have always been thought of as thieves who like shiny objects but new research has disproven that and actually shown the opposite – they are scared of shiny objects.
  • What is a group of Magpies called? Good questions – they are called a ‘parliament’.
  • Their amazing tail is half the length or more of their body and it helps them manoeuvre in the air as they are average filers.
  • Magpies don’t play the field as they mate for life, which is pretty cool as they usually live within the same 6 mile radius for there whole life and they don’t migrate.
  • A magpie’s young remain with there parents for at least a year which is a lot longer then most birds, other then some of the larger birds.
  • Another little-known fact is that they are part of the same family as the crow, raven and jays. This family is the most intelligent family of bird know to science.
  • The coolest fact I found is they can recognize them selves in the mirror – only a few other species found on this earth can do this – humans, a few apes, bottle nose dolphin and Asian elephants. Here is a link to a video I found of how scientists determined that:

I also found in my research that in Canada, unfortunately Magpies do not fall under the migratory bird act and there for are not protected, unlike in the Us where they are. Magpies are still considered a pest even though they do a lot of good as well. They eat ticks off of animals and keep the bug population in check so they don’t over run our crops. Here is a video that has more information on Magpies if you are interested:

In conclusion, magpies are super smart and pretty fascinating birds. If these facts don’t convince you of that, just remember, they can fly, and that is cool!

I have a special Magpie colouring page download for you as well: Click here to download

Here are some links if you want to do more reading on Magpies: Click Here

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